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Five Rules for PAIN-FREE Anal Sex

It can feel good. The anus has a tight sphincter that feels very different to the vagina. This combined with the mental turn on of anal sex which many people enjoy the thought of can make it pretty awesome. If you want to talk more specifically abut your partner drop by my stream and send me a message :. Keeps your immune system in great shape. Sex in general is fantastic for your health. It boosts your immune system by keeping you in shape, because of the exercise involved, and introduces your antibodies to all sorts of different things it can ramp up and keep in check.

No one goes from zero to hero in the bedroom without a little warming up.

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Both lovers need time and stimulation to relax and get the juices flowing. Fingering the anus is a good way to warm up for anal sex, and stimulating the nerves in the butt feels good and will make you hot. You can also try using a butt plug to get used to something sizeable up there before penetration and thrusting. And t here are other benefits of wrapping it up for anal sex! A condom provides a smooth glide in and out and will prevent a hurried climax, since the anus is much tighter than the vagina.

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Like what has been said before, do change condom when switch from anal sex to vaginal sex. While there are an infinite number of positions to choose from, when having anal sex or trying anal sex for the first time, you must go with what is comfortable.

Everything will go smoothly if you are comfortable and relaxed.

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If you are tense, unrelaxed or uncomfortable, you could have a painful experience that may turn you off of anal sex forever. Although there are pros and cons of anal sex, you can enjoy safe and great sex by controlling your pace. Approach the butt slowly, and maintain intimate stimulation of other erogenous zones to fully relax.

Aug 08,   The cons of anal sex. As promised, here are the few cons involved in anal sex. #1: Anal sex increases the risk of infections. The human papilla virus, known as the HPV virus can lead to cancer of the anus. Escherichia coli is also present in the anus, so be careful. Sexually transmitted diseases are also a risk. Mar 06,   Having anal sex can increase the risk of bacterial infection, pregnancy, and sexually transmitted infections, and it can worsen hemorrhoids. Taking precautions can reduce many of these star-booster.com: Rachel Nall, MSN, CRNA. Oct 18,   I can only speak from male/female coupling experience, but the short answer is, "it feels good." Look elsewhere for "how to" information, this is just a description of the joys of anal sex: Penetrating a woman's anus with your penis: it's tigh.

Once full penetration is achieved, you can both enjoy a sexy session of butt sex. The key to happy, successful and sexy relationships is communication. Try some sexy, dirty talk and see how it turns your lover on.

Anal sex with a female: Cons The female may need to douche her rectum with a small amount of warm water prior to anal sex and empty her bowels (take a poo) so removing the spontaneity of sex compared to vaginal sex. Mar 27,   "Anal sex feels like someone is stimulating every erogenous part of my body. It's like trying to squeeze out the last of your good moisturizer . Oct 03,   "One concern about anal sex is related to the transmission of HPV. Certain strains of HPV do cause cancer, and with anal intercourse, HPV infections in Occupation: Sex & Relationships Editor.

Semen plasma has a ridiculous amount of benefits to it. When a man finishes inside a woman, it can affect her in a lot of ways. Usually, this happens through the vagina. However, newer research has shown that semen exuded in the anus has the same effects.

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If you feel like your sex life has been rather boring, anal sex will certainly spice things up a bit! It can make things fun and new again!

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It really is. Talk about reminiscing! Anal sex has its drawbacks for certain people. Liked what you just read?

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Cons of anal sex

I was My boyfriend at that time had just broken up with me in a really horribly and dickish way. I had prepared by showering and shaving myself bare.

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I had incredibly hot lingerie on and everything. So first I smoked him up a bit so every sensation would be amplified and proceeded to go down on him taking things nice and slow and going over every inch and hot spot for him.

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I whipped out a vibrating cock ring on him then just to amp things up. By this point, he was basically a slobbering, incapacitated, mumbling mound of nerves. I got up on him he was sitting on the couch and proceeded to slam myself down on him hard the way he liked it, but I kept my hand on his balls to monitor his progress.


For that reason, your partner should help reassure you, and agree to take it slow. Anal sex is especially great for partners that have been together for several years. It could be the secret ingredient you were waiting for!

Since vaginal sex is so pleasurable, imagine how pleasing anal sex will be. Women have a substantial bundle of nerves around their anus.

What are the risks of anal sex?

Just by touching that area you can see how sensitive it is. Also, the G-spot can be reached, which means that you can have orgasms just as easily as when engaging in vaginal sex. Semen is extremely healthy.

When it comes to ALL forms of anal sex with its pros and cons people have preferences. When men have not performed anal intercourse, they're extremely unlikely to have engaged in another form of anal play at all. However, once they have they want it all. This means that there's a divide between those who love the ass and those who hate star-booster.com: Lakshya Law. Cons. There are higher risks of infections, which mostly include: HPV, or the human papilloma virus, is an infection that can lead to cancer. Cancer of the anus is more common in people who have anal sex with several partners. Surprising benefits of anal sex. Many people only find anal sex distasteful, due to the region in which it happens. They might feel unclean and assume their partner won't have a good time, due to some rather unfortunate circumstances that sometimes happen. Some women even feel insecure or nervous about it.

That way you can enjoy these benefits of semen:. All you have to do is remember to use a condom.

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Simple as that!

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