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Quarantined With Kaitlin - Episode 3

Gun girl definitely pooped her pants pic. In the innocent column, you have a bro-douche website that either heard or deliberately started a rumor about a right-wing gun nut shitting her pants at a college party. Are the chances of Kaitlin Bennett actually being invited to a party slim? Not entirely. Yes, she does. But you pooped your pants. What a fucking man.

Give him a call," she wrote.

Feb 18,   Gun Girl apparently pooped her pants at a college party. And let me tell you, once you shit yourself in public, thats it. Thats who you are. Thats what defines you. Even this chick - the single most insufferable girl on the planet, with such an over the top bombastic shtick and calling card - even she will be defined by the poop in her pants. Apr 09,   Amid a youth-driven gun control debate that has swarmed social media, a college senior in Tennessee is defending the provocative photo she posted of .

Bennett also got support on Twitter, with one person writing, "The gun offsets your dress beautifully! You go girl a lot of us have your back," another commenter wrote. The new graduate is one of the founders of the "Liberty Hangout" group, her Twitter bio reads. The group has been "promoting peace, prosperity and property rights since ," according to its website.

The college student-run organization is a right-wing group that vows to protect the Second Amendment. Bennett said in a tweet that now that she has graduated, she is allowed to carry a gun on campus. However, Kent State's policy regarding deadly weapons states "Students, staff, faculty, and third parties doing business with the university are further prohibited from possessing, storing, or using a deadly weapon while outside on university grounds, that is owned, operated or leased by the university.

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Chrome Safari Continue. They cheered when she left after only two hours.

May 16,   College grad wears gun holster with AR in her graduation photos A recent college graduate from Kent State University in Ohio is gaining attention online . Apr 10,   A Tennessee college senior is sticking to her guns after posting a graduation photo in which she stares wistfully off-camera while lifting her "Women for Trump" T . Feb 19,   Kaitlin Bennett, dubbed the Kent State "gun girl," has vowed to return to Ohio University after she faced an onslaught of protesters telling her to leave their campus this week.

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Quarantined With Kaitlin

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I didn't even know the girl when she shit herself lol met her after. You can say she's been a literal stain on my life.

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The bad news is the Poop Girl moniker is a double-edged turd because she has actually managed to leverage it into right-wing social media fame. Like pole-vaulting with a sturdy log into a toilet bowl of impressions.

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My haters memed me into a lucrative career that lets me travel the country, do what I want, and have a platform to be heard.

Thanks so much to everyone that gave me free advertising in Let's do it again this year. The silver lining is that ShartPants PewPewHair is no longer tooting under the radar, so when she does something like post a series of transphobic interview questions that spectacularly backfire in her face, the internet is waiting to dunk on her.

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The woman who raised money for Australia wildfire relief by selling nudes just dragged Gun Girl to hell and back and honestly she deserves the Pulitzer for this READ pic. Just absolutely nuked.

"Gun girl" and conservative stunt activist Kaitlin Bennett, the provocateur known for staging open-carry rallies in public spaces, did not receive a warm welcome in her home state yesterday; she visited Ohio University, where students decided to take a stand against her presence on campus. May 17,   In April, Brenna Spencer of the University of Tennessee, Chattanooga, posted a picture where she wore a "Trump for Women" T-shirt with a handgun in the waistband of her jeans while standing outside. Anyway, in the guilty column, we started out with nothing but a tissue-paper-thin rumor with seemingly no discernible origin. Literally, the only argument is a strong, almost superhuman desire for Gun Girl to be the exact kind of chick who shits herself at parties because she pulls crap like this all of the time. (See what I did back there?

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