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apologise, but, opinion

The important thing is to talk to him about it. Great relationships are based on mutual understanding and respect and great communication. Make sure that he knows this. Some women can also have an allergy to seminal fluid[ 6 ], in which case swallowing his cum should be avoided altogether.

You Should Swallow When Pregnant - Studies have found that swallowing his load after oral sex correlates with a diminished occurrence of preeclampsia[ 7 ], a nasty condition that pregnant women sometimes get that raises your blood pressure and can affect other organs like the kidneys.

So yes, swallowing cum is a healthy thing to do even for pregnant women! Oxytocin aka The Bonding Hormone - Semen contains oxytocin[ 8 ], a hormone that helps you to increase trust, reduces your fear and is also known as the bonding hormone or cuddle hormone which is great if you want to feel closer to your man. Staying Healthy With Antioxidants - Semen also contains some beneficial antioxidants like superoxide dismutase, glutathione, catalase[ 10 ], vitamin C, vitamin E, pyruvate, and carnitine[ 11 ] and citric acid[ 12 ], which all protect against damaging free radicals.

Sugar for Energy - Semen contains small amounts of both fructose[ 15 ], and glucose[ 16 ] perfect if you want to enjoy an energy boost. I put together this in-depth, step-by-step instructional video that will teach you how to make your lover sexually addicted to you and only you.

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It contains a number of oral sex techniques that will give them full-body, shaking orgasms. If you're interested in learning these techniques to keep your lover addicted and deeply devoted to you as well as having a lot more fun in the bedroom, then you may want to check out the video. You can watch it by clicking here.

I have always had a great, fulfilling sex life with my partner with wonderful communication. I am always looking for ways to improve, enhance, or spice up things.

My question would be this. Would it be easier to swallow if he ejaculates further back or does the location of his release have no effect on making it easier for me to swallow at all? Thank you so much for your time and most of all for your wonderful information!

Hi, thanks for your question! It may taste worse when he ejaculates into the front areas of your mouth, but importantly you have more control over where it all goes. I love swallowing cum!! I love to suck dick and feel it shoot off in my mouth. It has become my favorite flavor in life. I love to go through the day with the sticky dry feeling of his cum around my lips and face. I find it easier to swallow my boyfriend siemen while basically deepthroating. And contine not long as he cant take it haha?

As I gay man who has a lot of experience with swallowing come I can tell you that it is tricky. You have to know his cock before opening your mouth for him to deposit his load. Some men come in squirts, others let the come out like a slow flowing river.

First you should let him handle his own cock just a moment before he comes. Most men like that. Point his cock to the side of your mouth otherwise there may be some gagging involved. I always let him handle his cock while coming and after he is done I slowly close my mouth around his dick and with my hand at the lower part of his shaft I squeeze as much come as I can out of it.

I keep the cock in my mouth for as long as he will let me while I slowly swallow it. Men love it. I am a straight guy who loves it when his gay and straight friends swallow. One day, I hope to try it thanks to you. I will be ready Tex. Hi Sean, i just have one curious question, after my guy cums into my mouth,how long should i massage his cock with my tongue? The best answer I can give you isask him! He will have the best answer for you as all guys are different and have different preferences.

I love when a guy shoots a huge thick load all over my tongue, then I love to play with it for awhilelike blow cum bubbles or swirl it around my tongue then swallow every drop. I do prefer a black mans cum over a white mans tho, Idk why I just think that black guys have a much thicker cum load and it tastes much much stronger wich I just love, If Im gonna swallow anothers mans load then I want it to taste like a REAL man!!!

I really want to do this to my partner, but I have really bad gag reflexes, and to me, his cum tastes disgusting.

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There are a few things you can do. The first is making sure that your man avoids eating any fatty foods in the hours before sex and instead tries to drink a lot of pineapple juice up to 2 liters. If you want it to taste better, then you may find that having a drink or 2 before going down on him helps you to avoid being able to properly taste it. Thanks for tips! I have just recently started swallowing my man. It really does taste awful to me so I started using numbing spray and it works wonders!

It has become quite enjoyable for me and I have been doing it every day for the past 7 months. Tell your man to drink juice a few hours before it makes his cum taste sweeter.

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When he cums take in the side of your mouth not straight down your throat. I have a very strong gag reflex but he will love it when you take him in your mouth he will be like putty in your hand.

To drink or not to drink huh? I will try that next time. Who wants to gag huh. Breathe through your nose while you suck his dick. And you can also practice with a toy or cucumber. That way you can practice swirling your tongue, licking, deep throating it and seeing how comfortable you are and what you can handle.

You can even send your partner videos of you doing it too. It turns my man on when I send him videos of me deep throating my toy.

And for the taste maybe you can ask your partner about changing what they eat and explain to them why. Have a shot of sweet liquor such as blackberry brandy nearby and gulp down the shot mixed up with the semen right after the guy ejaculates in your mouth. Double-plus good! How much is just a little? I am a straight happily married man and have just recently enjoyed tasting a mouth full of semen from my wife after an amazing blow job.

Jun 28,   Learning how to swallow cum at the end of a blow job is an interesting topic. For some women, the thought is terrifying, while others find the idea both erotic and fun. By the way, if you are looking for tips and techniques on how to give mind-altering oral sex, my advice is to start at Chapter 1 of in-depth Blow Job Guide here. Love a women with a mouth full of cum! Like bitch you worked hard for that. Swallow that shit with pride. Take your reward.

Since then I have masturbated multiple times into a container and froze at this point up to 30 loads and then I slowly reheated up the entire batch and enjoyed ingesting every last drop off her body, from inside her body, and from AMAZING kisses shares between the two of us! We were totally fine sharing all that semen.

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I was never aware of this pleasure she and I now share together. So again how much is a little semen? I have not had any problems afterwards from that experience. I am planning on trying even more semen in the future. What is O. I also freeze my own cum and when I feel horney I take them out of the freezer and suck them until they melt in my mouth,they taste great.

Hello there. I am a happily married straight man who enjoys reading and experimenting many of these suggestions.

Cum swallow blog

I believe this to be a wonderful site and honest responses. My questions here is ingesting semen in small amount. What is a small amount? I experience an amazing blow job from my wife and she proceeded to kiss me with a mouthful of my own cum and I thought this was incredible!

Since then I have masturbated multiple time and froze my loads in the freezer and slowly thawed the collection and warmed it up and we began cum play. I licked it up, licked it out of her, kissed her and I rubbed it all over her cleaning up every last drop and WOW!

I got so turned on from these experiences and I am planning on continuing to do even more loads. I enjoy having her help me fill the containers. So am I drinking to much? I have never felt any adverse affects or feeling strange afterwards. Your statement has me a little concerned.

Again amazing site! Thank you and everyone being honest to us and yourselves! Most guys are thrilled that you just let them cum in your mouth. Keep the blowjob going and it will dribble out. Its hot and a tactful way of not swallowing. Most guys pretend to be thrilled because they are conditioned to have low sexual expectations. Mostly I think it is fear. Not easy to overcome I might add. Not easy at all. Any suggestions? I like to suck on a breathmint, spearmint is my favorite, and drink lemon water before I give head.

After he cums I can swirl it around in my mouth before I swallow and then drink more lemon water before I go back down to milk every last drop. I have only gagged and spit twice because his their load was just too much to handle. Hi there My wife swallows cum very often.

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She loves the taste and finds much enjoyment in it. I am a woman who loves to give her man a great blow job, but have always had trouble swallowing.

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Even after trying sweet juices to reduce the bitterness. Or to cum on my chest instead. Try having a glass or two or wine the next time you plan on giving him a blow job and see if this helps you to relax and makes it easier to swallow. Sarah, your attitude is beautiful. I love it - and now truly expect my girl greedily suck me dry. I guess I have been fortunate in that my GFs have always wanted to swallow, and she is sure to let me know that she likes my large loads.

I get a kick out of that :. But it surely helps that I love eating her until she cums, often twice.

How to swallow ?

She tastes delicious. Do you think that women would be open to regularly seeking men in order to give them blow jobs? Maybe a craigslist type of forum? Do you even realize how stupid you sound? The answer is, it depends. It depends on his preferences and desires.

He may love it or hate it. I enjoy playing with cum, picking it out of my mouth and letting it slowly drop back in. Or maybe chewing gum while giving head would help me with the taste?

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Try having a drink or 2 beforehand or using a flavored lube or both to help change the taste in your mouth. What a drag!

The ironic and sad thing is her mother propositioned me for sex. Donna 47,and still more than every I love loads of hot cum ,I swollow my sexy hairy hubby a least 4times a day,my favourite he shoots deep down my throat,mmmmm its so yummy pre cum still my favourite lately I blo him will he asleep he blows more.

Me too!! I dated a girl named Donna and she loved swallowing my cum. In fact she would ask me if I had anymore right after I just came because it tasted so yummy she wanted more. I miss her she loved sex Donna Z.

apologise, but this

Having more would of broke us. Just tell your man that you love it when he fills your mouth with his large loads and then advise him on how he can make his loads even larger Maca, Korean Ginseng, L-Arginine, Acetyl-L, Tribulus. He can be sensitive and testy about things like this, how can I bring it up to him gently but more importantly effectively? This guide on sexual communication should help. I find I have no problem swallowing the cum if the guy has his pubes shaved.

I must relate the hair to being dirty. I believe I developed a taste for semen when I was a teenager, and would perform oral sex on women after cumming in them, or on their belly, and licking up my cum. I would do this until hard again, and ready to re-insert my cock.

Scoop: Completion Luv to swallow. Hi-res x available for VResidents. Tags and features. The Biker: Tonsel depth gauge.

Jan 31,   Project Days of Swallowing Cum Complete. Posted on January 31, Originally we planned to have Nessa write THIS blog the last day of the month. I think our intention was to see if her feelings towards a cum shot had changed or if she liked to swallow more. I shouldn't feel bad for wanting to see my woman swallow me or enjoy my cum. Nov 07,   Cum Swallowing, New Sex Stories, Adult Fictions, Erotic Sex Stories, Free Sex Stories, Real Sex Stories, Erotic Fictions, Erotic Short Stories. Category: Cum Swallowing Daddy's Cum. I cup your big balls in my palm. I bring my body close to yours as I feel your arms wrap around me. Your throbbing cock in my hand. Cum Slut Kim: Walking naked is hot, watching people's reactions is fun. Sucked a lot of cocks doing it. If you saw me would you want me to deepthroat you and swallow your cum? sorry for picture quality.

Cum Slut Kim: Walking naked is hotwatching people's reactions is fun. Sucked a lot of cocks doing it. If you saw me would you want me to deepthroat you and swallow your cum? Buzzzcut: Wifey sucking some bbc and swallows his load. Deeper: I love cumshot.

good interlocutors think

Candy: Swallowed music by Eddy Money. Chiefnobody: I also like to suck cock I always swallow! K: The end result, there was so much cum that when I opened my mouth to show hubby it drooled down my chin, don't worry, I scooped it up and swallowed it Fap Vid Mature Album Tonic Movies Hard Pole Best And Free Tube Pleasure Ruler Tube Big Porn Fox Porns Cooch TV HQ Hole Large Porn Films Tube Gold Porn Films Tube Home Tube Porn Large HD Tube Dirty Home Clips Porn Biz Gold HD Tube Polar Porn HD Tube 3 Caramel Mature Granny Cinema Big Boobs Film Spicy Tranny HD Porn 24 TV Sex Pulse TV Prehistoric Tube Tubent Mature Pie Sexo 24 Deep Muff X Granny Tube Infinite Tube

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