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I'm a guy and I wear thongs and sometimes boxer briefs. In fact, I agree with women when they say that brief boxers are the best looking underwear for men. I wear them because of their unmatched support and because I think that thongs are the most comfortable type of underwear you can wear. With the right thongs, you don't suffer from SBS. I don't know how most guys can live with SBS. All I can say is that once you go with no SBS for a little while, you never want to go back to it. Some people feel that men shouldn't wear thongs, but I don't see why not.

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Reading in the past comment of other blogs gay men tend to try and be more masculine. However once accustomed to them you do even feel them. Active wear breathable mesh are the best really. Calvin cline makes a great pair plus your lady will like it.

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My girl likes it. Amazing bog. I love to wear thong underwear. I found them comfortable, supportable, sexy looking with enhancing pouch. I have a great collection of thong underwear in which a variety of fancy thong, a variety of sexiest thong, a variety of extra comfortable thong.

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So, I wear them on various occasions. I really impressed with the design and texture of mala thong from Mensuas. But who can argue with how comfy, sexy, and supportive they are? And my partner loves them. The way I see it is its just fabric, wear whatever makes you happy. If you like wearing slim or skinny fit jeans, I think things are the best underwear choice.

Another practical underwear choice is jockstrap underwear. I wear jeans almost every day, so I almost always wear a thong or a jockstrap for underwear. It takes a real man to wear a thong on the beach or on his deck drinking coffee. Awesome for workouts and stretches.

Oct 18,   Some people feel that men shouldn't wear thongs, but I don't see why not. People put too much importance on underwear. I guess that some people are . Thongs for men are the absolute symbol of sexiness You got to try thongs before you die. Well, thongs for men are absolutely the sexiest mens underwear style and so are the other variants that are available in the mens underwear industry. It's totally normal for many guys to want to wear thongs, in Latin America many men wear thong underwear or swim thongs. Of course many Ancient tribal people have made thongs for males .

If you do this all the time you must use wet wipes. Anyone know places to do so. April 24, 6 Comments. Read More. April 17, 7 Comments. April 10, 3 Comments. POS and Ecommerce by Shopify. Menu 0. What Are the Advantages of Thongs for Men Thongs for men have a series of advantages over other types of underwear. I'm in my mid 40's and have a very fit body as I goto gym and run regular.

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My wife love seeing in the underwear. The thong are very comfortable and keeps my bit supported especially when I'm running SwaggerSeven Xper 3. I haven't tried a thong but as with anything I think if it makes you feel good or comfortable I do think it might be better for certain body types than for others It's a personal thing. I been wearing thongs for 11 years.

My wife love for me to wear my thongs. I wear them all the time. Well it depends if your wearing them because there's something between your butt or you love the comfort. I'd never wear it to work or hanging out with friends or anything but if I was sitting around or going out by myself id wear it. Its not gay at all. Oklahomaguy28 Xper 4.

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I would have to say it is absolutely OK for straight men to wear men's thongs! I find them to be exceptionally comfy!

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AJtogo Xper 5. It is never OK for a man to wear thong underwear. As a matter of fact, I wouldn't even know where to purchase a pair. In the joke section of a sex shop maybe. I love wearing thongs but am scared wearing in front of wife. She knows well that I would love to and I crossdress but a thong might put her totally off.

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If the guy wants to wear thong, go for it. I will not judge. Of course. Real men don't care how they look in their underwear, its all about comfort. The loin cloth was the first start to the thong and the loin cloth was wore in Egypt and when Jesus was on earth.

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If a thong is comfortable. Why not? What about a man who likes to manscape?

Do men use thong

It is your body. Xper 6. Nope, unless your thinking about moving gayly forward. No But if that is what rocks your boat, don't let us tell you otherwise. Stallion76 Xper 4. I wear them.

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Only if you live in Europe and have a truly stellar body and a good tan! Go for it im a straight guy and wore thongs for my ol lady there is no shame in living your life your way piss on what others say or think.

Aug 04,   Yes, straight males do wear bikinis and thongs. It's a stereotype that it's just gay guys who wear them and they're only for women. Both straight and gay guys wear the whole range of underwear styles from thongs to boxers. It's all a personal . Most Comfortable Thongs For Men For years, men's thongs and g-strings were thought of as taboo, reserved for the kinkiest of men or considered a women's only Katlynn Bennett. Jan 16,   How to Wear Thong Underwear. Thongs are great if you want to avoid panty lines or wear something more comfortable. Finding the right thong to wear is all about choosing the fabric and style that's best for your occasion. Don't worry if 64%(11).

No that's weird for men to do that it's not ok. Related myTakes. What time is it at the North Pole?

Is it true that hot water freezes faster than cold water? Follow up to regrowing vegetables from what you have in your refrigerator and produce bins. Most Helpful Opinion mho Rate.

Feb 20,   No. There is no shortage of men walking around in their underwear at the gym I go to (i.e. locker rooms, not common area, in case that part wasn't clear). I've never, ever, ever seen a man wear a thong. Not that I'm looking or anything, but I think I would notice something so unusual. I would have to say it is absolutely OK for straight men to wear men's thongs! really its a matter of comfort for the guy. if he isn't comfy in them, then obviously I wouldn't recommend it. but if he likes it, then by all means go for it its not a question of gay or straight or any such topics, its all about how he feels. Nov 11,   The first question that typically comes up when talking about thongs for men is "can men wear thongs?" If it's a question of masculinity, then yes, absolutely. If it's a question of practicality, the answer is still yes. There's no reason that a man can't get the support he needs from a thong.

Learn more. Hey, a man with flexibility in his preferences will be easy to please in bed. Any color. I had an ex who had lime green boy shorts and a matching bra and I got hard looking at them every time.

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Not so big a fan of lacy; I like it to look a little more athletic. But not all thongs.

Do straight guys wear bikinis and/or thongs?

I like thongs that are designed to be sexy. Thongs are so ubiquitous these days that some are no longer really sexy on their own accord. I have one friend in particular who, as a point of pride, will only wear thongs. But they are ugly, cotton functional thongs and she really only does it because she wants to tell other people that she wears thongs. It makes it kind of unsexy.

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