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Systems Approach ADDIE ASSURE Dick and Carey Model Gagne’s ELEMENTS.5 E’s, CAI, CAL, CBT, CML,ODLM

Instructional models can vary widely. While some may focus on how to make the lesson plans and others focus on the delivery of the content itself, the Dick and Carey instructional design model also known as the Systems Approach Model is one of the former. Despite the seemingly complicated diagrams that pop up when searching for an image see below , the steps are often only connected as far as what they do to help you figure out what to teach and how to teach it. All ten steps are connected, and some influence others indirectly while they may influence others directly. The first step is to figure out the instructional goals.

Dick and Carey Model in Depth

It all depends on what kind of material your overarching theme is covering. Instructional analysis is the second step.

This means you are determining the skills that your students will need to learn what you plan to teach them. Returning to the Guy Fawkes situation, some may need to have a love of history instilled in them before they are willing to sit down and listen to the lesson.

Others may simply need to be able to work on the lesson material at their own pace. Will they need to know some background about the story?

Or will you be teaching an introduction to the gunpowder plot and therefore giving that introductory lesson?

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Note that if you are teaching on the gunpowder plot, you have to take into account what they may or may not have already learned. Next you have to assess which skills the students have out of those that you previously determined are needed for this lesson. For the Guy Fawkes example, if you determine that they should be able to remember the date he was caught - November 5, - and someone is not good with remembering dates, you may have to help them with it.


Are they able to sit still long enough? Or do they have trouble talking? Next, you must figure out specific goals and objectives for the lesson.

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Details will help you make sure you are teaching your students what matters most from the lesson, such as the gunpowder plot was meant to blow up Parliament. Notice that you have not gotten to actually teaching, and these are the first four steps.

Teaching begins at step eight, but this only gives a general outline for a suggestion on how to make the teaching effective.

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Referring back to notes you have made will help you figure out what to test. These are meant to help the students understand what they have or have not mastered yet, and are a checkpoint for the parents or administrators. For example, again referring to a lesson on Guy Fawkes, you could ask questions about his part in the plot, how he was caught, who was involved, and maybe what the plot was meant to do. Sixth, you begin to outline your lesson plan.

This means that you will be able to demonstrate what you want them to learn, add activities, and decide how each segment will be done. If you want to have group activities, now is the time to decide when and what materials will be covered by the activity.

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Referring back to Guy Fawkes, a group activity could mean each group tries to use what they know to create a presentation for the class as a pre-test activity. Seventh, you make sure you have what you need ready for the lesson. If you have something you already know will work, use it.

A map of London at the time is also good. Next, you would have to evaluate how the lesson went.

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Dick carey model

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Dick and Carey Model Presentation by Hee-Sun Lee & Soo-Young Lee This model describes all the phases of an iterative process that starts by identifying instructional goals and ends with summative evaluation. This model is applicable as shown below. Dick and Carey Systems Approach Model The Dick and Carey systems approach model is one of the most influential ID system oriented models. Like most models, the Dick and Carey system bears the conventional core elements of analysis, design, development, implementation, and evaluation, also known as the ADDIE model (see Figure 1).File Size: KB. Apr 17,   The Dick and Carey Model - Although there are several versions of ISD, the ADDIE model is perhaps the most popular in business and organizational environments, with the Dick and Carey model being the most popular model in schools and educational environments.

Already have an account? Login here. Instructional Design. Since then, it has been one of the most popular Instructional Design models, thanks to the fact that it views learning as a comprehensive system, rather than a variety of individual components.

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Listen to the audio version Continue listening Pause Stop. Identify goals and objectives. The first step in the Dick and Carey Model is to clarify your goals and objectives.

The Dick and Carey Model includes the 5 step process Stage 1: Identify Instructional Goals Stage 2. Conduct Instructional Analysis Stage 3. Identify Entry Behaviors and Learner Characteristics Stage 4: Write Performance Objectives Stage 5. Develop Criterion-Referenced Test Items Stage 6. Nov 03,   Model Pembelajaran Dick and Carey Dick and Carey memandang desain pembelajaran sebagai sebuah sistem dan menganggap pembelajaran adalah proses yang sitematis. Menurut Dick and Carey bahwa pendekatan sistem selalu mengacu kepada tahapan umum sistem pengembangan pembelajaran (Instructional Systems Development/ISD)/5. Dick and Carey's Model Dick and Carey's model is systematic in nature. The model is a procedural system including ten major process components (nine basic steps in an iterative cycle and a culminating evaluation of the effectiveness of the instruction).

The learner must be aware of what they will be able to do when they complete the eLearning course, including the skills they will develop and the knowledge they will acquire. Complete instructional analysis. The next step is determining what your learners already know so that you can figure out how to fill the learning gap.

This can be done through eLearning assessments, surveys, and interviews that focus on their current skill sets and knowledge base. For example, if the eLearning assessment reveals that a learner is unable to perform a specific on-the-job task, then you integrate the skills and information they need to master the task. Determine entry behaviors and learner characteristics.

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Focus on characteristics that pertain directly to the goals and objectives for your eLearning course. This helps you to narrow down the specific online content that is vital for your eLearning course, rather than covering information that they have already acquired. You can identify all of the ideas and concepts that you should include to provide a comprehensive and personalized eLearning experience.

9 Steps To Apply The Dick And Carey Model In eLearning

Write performance objectives. The performance objectives must also include the specific conditions in which the task or skill will be carried out, such as observing your audience on-the-job or in a particular real-world setting.

Develop criterion-referenced eLearning assessments.

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