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He has been cited as the most powerful vice president in American history. He began his political career as an intern for Congressman William A. Steiger , eventually working his way into the White House during the Nixon and Ford administrations. He served as White House chief of staff from to In , Cheney was elected to the U. House of Representatives. He represented Wyoming's at-large congressional district from to , briefly serving as House minority whip in

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MCLEAN, VA-Nearly 13 years after shooting the prominent Texas attorney and political donor in the face, former Vice President Dick Cheney told reporters Tuesday he had finally hunted down Harry Whittington and killed him in cold blood. Dec 20,   That's life for Harry Whittington, the year-old former lawyer whom Dick Cheney infamously shot by accident during a hunting expedition on . Vice President Dick Cheney accidentally shot and injured a hunting partner during a weekend quail hunting trip in Texas, his spokeswoman said Sunday.

But when she heard the name Vice President Dick Cheney followed by something about a shooting, her attention focused fast. Around the evening before, Armstrong told the reporter, the vice president accidentally shot another hunter when a covey of quail burst from a field just around sundown. The other hunter, year-old Austin lawyer Harry Whittington, was peppered with pellets on the side of his face and in his torso.

WRAP Bush reax to Cheney hunting accident, adds new bite

He was in the hospital, but the wounds were not life-threatening. Vice film: Harry Whittington, man shot by Dick Cheney, on what really happened on ranch.

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This Christmas, experience the untold story of the man who broke all the rules. ViceMovie pic.

Dick chaney shot

An actor portraying Whittington is shown reeling after being sprayed by bird shot. In real life those events would upend the Caller-Times newsroom and thrust the newspaper and its staff into the national spotlight. After contacting her editors and the paper's chief political writer at the time, Jaime Powell, Schuster posted a quick story on the paper's website, and went out to cover her original assignment, a children's art show.

But while she was out, her online story - posted before the age of social media - was blowing up.

Dec 13,   The Dick Cheney shooting accident, where the former vice president shot someone while hunting, is depicted in Vice staring Christian Bale. Harry Whittington suffered serious injuries and a mild heart attack after he was sprayed with more than birdshot pellets from Cheney's shotgun during a quail-hunting trip in Sep 09,   Vice President Dick Cheney watching the news of the attacks on the World Trade Center in his office on September 11, , before being led to the underground White House bunker. The National Archives.

The White House press corps and the major national news outlets scrambled to catch up. The early wire service accounts relied heavily on the Caller-Times' reporting.

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At a news briefing the next day, reporters pummeled President George W. Bush's press secretary, Scott McClellan, with complaints that they were not immediately notified by the White House or by Cheney's office.

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Indeed, even though the shooting took place in the early evening on Saturday, Armstrong waited until Sunday morning to contact the Caller-Times. Libby Averyt, the Caller-Times editor when the story broke and until its president, praised the work done by the paper both in breaking and following the mushrooming story. Averyt said Armstrong called the paper because of the source-building abilities of Powell, who worked for the Caller-Times from until She died in The story references a conversation she'd had with Armstrong after the shooting.

Whittington and his family frequently dine on quail, a delicacy in southern Texas hunting households.

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His wife is making the bird for dinner Thursday, the year anniversary of the accident, although he's not sure how it will be served. Cheney's shot sprayed as many as birdshot pellets into Whittington's face, neck and chest during the hunting trip at Texas' Armstrong ranch.

While the then-vice president admitted that he was "the guy who pulled the trigger," he never said a public "sorry" to his wounded co-hunter. It was an accident," he told the Daily News. Accidents are common in quail hunting, said Whittington, who hunted for 50 years without incident before the accident.

Dick Cheney has yet to apologize to the man he shot in the face

Birds get up fast - they are rapid rising group of birds. It's easy for accidents to happen," he said.

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Whittington was airlifted to a Corpus Christie hospital after the shooting in Armstrong, Texas. He spent a week in the intensive unit after one of the pellets near his heart caused a mild heart attack.

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At 88, he's in great health, he said. Many of the pellets are still in his neck and face because they haven't moved or caused him any medical problems.

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Recovery from the shooting and then other health issues kept him away from hunting for a decade, he said. He decided to give it another try this year after some encouragement from his son-in-law who wanted to see if the lawyer was still a hunting wiz.

Feb 11,   Cheney's shot sprayed as many as birdshot pellets into Whittington's face, neck and chest during the hunting trip at Texas' Armstrong ranch.

Whittington's first shot - which successfully took down a quail - proved he hasn't lost his touch. He likely won't be as avid as a hunter as he once was, he said, but he hopes to make another hunting trip soon. Whittington hasn't seen Cheney in several years, although they still exchange birthday greetings and occasional catch-up phone calls.

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