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Steiger , eventually working his way into the White House during the Nixon and Ford administrations, where he later served as the White House Chief of Staff, from to In , Cheney was elected to the U. House of Representatives representing Wyoming's At-large congressional district from to ; he was reelected five times, briefly serving as House Minority Whip in Cheney was selected to be the Secretary of Defense during the presidency of George H. Bush , holding the position for the majority of Bush's term from to Bush as his running mate in the presidential election.

In Cheney's case, he sought to be the sole advisor to W. Interestingly, he cared less about the top spots of various agencies; instead he sought to fill the deputy and undersecretary positions with his people. These lesser positions often wield more influence on policy and the day-to-day running of government than the figureheads do.

Cheney was tasked with staffing the administration inwhile everyone else was busying themselves with hanging, chads etc. Because it took so long to resolve the election, he had plenty of time to shape it to his liking. Then there was the Office of Special Plans.

This was the special not-so-secret office that Cheney set up inside the Pentagon. Turns out they were doing a bunch of Iraq War planning.

Then he set up his secret Energy Task Force. Again, the VP of the USA starts having secret meetings with energy industry people, behind closed doors. Well, it was pretty obvious what was going on at the time, but now we have some materials from those meetings and - wouldn't you know it - they included Iraq oil field maps. Cheney thought the Vice President was part of some Fourth Branch. His argument was that because he has legislative functions, he can't simply be classified as "executive.

Vice, in his case, means "second in rank and acting as deputy for". That means the vice-president is subordinate to the president.

The president is part of the executive branch. Other meanings for "vice" that might apply:. Then he came back as VP under Bush the Second. Once in office, he ordered the EPA to remove whole sections on climate change from their and reports. Dick Cheney does not live in the same moral universe at the rest of us.

Rome also had people running around with their own private armies. Among the many votes he cast during his tenure in the House, he voted in with the majority against making Dr.

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Martin Luther King, Jr. He voted against the creation of the U. Department of Educationciting his concern over budget deficits and expansion of the federal government. He also claimed the department was an encroachment on states' rights. He also voted against funding Head Start. As a vice presidential candidate inhe reversed his position. Inafter President Reagan vetoed a bill to impose economic sanctions against South Africa for its official policy of aparthei Cheney was one of 83 Representatives who voted against overriding the veto.

In later years, Cheney articulated his opposition to "unilateral sanctions," against many different countries, stating "they almost never work. However the comparison to Cuba is not exactly apt, as the European Community had voted to place limited sanctions upon South Africa in InCheney, along with Republicans and 31 Democrats, voted against a nonbinding Congressional resolution calling on the South African government to release Nelson Mandela from prison, after the majority Democrats defeated proposed amendments to the language that would have required Mandela to renounce violence sponsored by the ANC and requiring the ANC to oust the Communist faction from leadership.

The resolution was defeated. Appearing on CNN during the Presidential campaign inCheney addressed criticism for this, saying he opposed the resolution because the ANC "at the time was viewed as a terrorist organization and had a number of interests that were fundamentally inimical to the United States.

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As a Wyoming representative, he was also known for his vigorous advocacy of the state's petroleum and coal businesses. The federal building in Cra regional center of the oil and coal business, was named the "Dick Cheney Federal Building. In he was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom for "preserving America's defenses at a time of great change around the world.

President George H. Bush initially chose former Texas Sen. John G. Tower to be his secretary of defense. When the Senate, in March,rejected his nomination, Bush selected Cheney, who was a Congressional Representative of Wyoming at the time.

Cheney generally focused on external matters and delegated most internal Pentagon management details to Deputy Secretary of Defense Donald J. Atwood, Jr. He worked closely with Pete Williamsassistant secretary of defense for public affairs, and Paul Wolfowitzunder secretary of defense for policy. Many of Cheney's major decisions resulted from the almost daily meetings he had in the Pentagon with Powell and Atwood. Occasionally Bush consulted with Cheney on matters unrelated to defense, such as White House organization and management.

He understood how Congress, and more particularly the legislative process, operated, and he used this knowledge and experience to avoid the kind of difficulties Caspar Weinberger had encountered with Congress.

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In general Cheney got along well with Congress and with the Department of Defense's main oversight committees in the House and the Senate, though he suffered disappointments and frustrations.

Although some of the usual turf battles between the State and Defense Departments continued during his term, Cheney and Secretary of State Baker were old friends and avoided the acrimony that sometimes occurred between the two departments during the Weinberger period.

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On the important problem of arms control, Cheney and General Powell tried to reach consensus on Department of Defense's position in order to deal more effectively with the State Department. After the collapse of the Soviet Union inCheney worried about the dangers of nuclear proliferation and effective control of nuclear weapons from the Soviet nuclear arsenal that had come under the control of newly independent republics - BelarusUkraineand Kazakhstan - as well as in Russia itself.

Cheney warned about the possibility that other nations, such as IraqIranand North Koreawould acquire nuclear components after the Soviet collapse. He supported the initiatives that President Bush and Russian President Boris Yeltsin took in and to cut back the production and deployment of nuclear weapons and to move toward new arms control agreements. How to restructure the alliance and modify its strategy to reflect changes in the military situation posed major questions for Cheney.

He believed that NATO had to remain the foundation of European security relationships and that it would continue to be important to the United States in the long term.

Central and Eastern Europe, he told his NATO colleagues, presented the most threatening potential security problems in the years ahead.

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The current problem, rather than East versus West, was East and West versus instability. Cheney's views on NATO reflected his skepticism about prospects for peaceful evolution in the former Soviet areas. He saw high potential for uncertainty and instability, and he felt that the Bush administration was too optimistic in supporting Mikhail Gorbachev and his successor, Boris Yeltsin.

Cheney believed that as the United States downsized its military forces, reduced its troops in Europe, and moved forward with arms control, it needed to keep a watchful eye on Russia and other successor states of the Soviet Union. The Department of Defense budget faced Cheney with his most immediate and pressing problem when he came to the Pentagon. Cheney recognized the necessity of cutting the budget and downsizing the military establishment, but he favored a cautious approach.

In making decisions on the FY budget, the secretary had to confront the wish list of each of the services. A policy on ballistic missiles also posed a difficult choice. A decision had to be made on how to base the MX-whether on railroad cars or in some other mode.

While not unalterably opposed to the Midgetman, Cheney questioned how to pay for it in a time of shrinking defense budgets.

Cheney's plan encountered opposition both inside the administration and in Congress. Bush decided not to take Cheney's advice; he said he would seek funding to put the MXs on railroad cars by the mids and to develop the Midgetman, with a goal of to The House and Senate in November finally settled on a budget somewhere between the preferences of the administration and the House committee.

Funding for the FD was to continue for another year, providing 18 more aircraft in the program. In subsequent years under Cheney the budgets proposed and the final outcomes followed patterns similar to the FY budget experience. Early in the secretary unveiled a plan to reduce military strength by the mids to 1. In his budget proposal for FYhis last one, Cheney asked for termination of the B-2 program at 20 aircraft, cancellation of the Midgetman, and limitations on advanced cruise missile purchases to those already authorized.

When introducing this budget, Cheney complained that Congress had directed Defense to buy weapons it did not want, including the V, M-1 tanks, and F and F aircraft, and required it to maintain some unneeded reserve forces.

During this same period total military personnel declined by The Army took the largest cut, fromtoThe Air Force declined by The V question caused friction between Cheney and Congress throughout his tenure.

The Department of Defense spent some of the money Congress appropriated to develop the aircraft, but congressional sources accused Cheney, who continued to oppose the Osprey, of violating the law by not moving ahead as Congress had directed. Cheney argued that building and testing the prototype Osprey would cost more than the amount appropriated. In the spring of several congressional supporters of the V threatened to take Cheney to court over the issue.

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He made clear that he personally still opposed the Osprey and favored a less costly alternative. Panamacontrolled by General Manuel Antonio Noriegathe head of the country's military, against whom a U. Using economic sanctions and political pressure, the United States mounted a campaign to drive Noriega from power.

In May after Guillermo Endara had been duly elected president of Panama, Noriega nullified the election outcome, incurring intensified U. In October Noriega succeeded in quelling a military coup, but in December, after his defense forces shot a U.

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Within a few days they achieved control and Endara assumed the presidency. Cheney took a strong stand against use of U. After the collapse of a collective presidency in Yugoslavia in the early s, the country split into several independent republics, including the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovinawhich declared its independence in March Whether and how to intervene in Bosnia evoked an emotional debate in the United States, but Cheney left office before any firm decisions were made, and his successors inherited the knotty issue.

In Somalia also, a civil war that began in claimed the world's attention. In August the United States began to provide humanitarian assistance, primarily food, through a military airlift. In December, only a month before he left office, at President Bush's direction Cheney dispatched the first of 26, U.

Vice is a American biographical comedy-drama film written and directed by Adam star-booster.com film stars Christian Bale as former U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney, with Amy Adams, Steve Carell, Sam Rockwell, Justin Kirk, Tyler Perry, Alison Pill, Lily Rabe, and Jesse Plemons in supporting roles. The film follows Cheney on his path to become the most powerful Vice President in American star-booster.com by: Nicholas Britell. Richard Bruce " Dick " Cheney (born January 30, ) is an American Republican politician and businessman who was Vice President of the United States from to As a Republican, he ran in the US Presidential Election with George W. Bush, and successfully won re-election in the US Presidential star-booster.com: Donald J. Atwood, Jr. Richard Bruce " Dick " Cheney (born January 30, ) is an American politician and businessman who was the 46th Vice President of the United States from to , under President George W. Bush. Born in Lincoln, Nebraska, Cheney was primarily raised in Sumner, Nebraska, and Cr, Wyoming.

Cheney's successors as secretary of defense, Les Aspin and William J. Perryhad to contend with both the Bosnian and Somali issues. Cheney's biggest challenge came in the Persian Gulf. On August 1, Iraqi President Saddam Hussein sent invading forces into neighboring Kuwaita small oil-rich country long claimed by Iraq. Cheney regarded Iraq's intrusion into Kuwait as a grave threat to U. The United States had already begun to develop contingency plans for defense of Saudi Arabia by the U.

Central Comman headed by General Norman Schwarzkopf. Shortly after the Iraqi invasion, Cheney made the first of several visits to Saudi Arabia and secured King Fahd 's permission to bring U. The United Nations took action, passing a series of resolutions condemning Iraq's invasion of Kuwait, and eventually demanded that Iraq withdraw its forces by January 15 Other nations, including Great BritainCanadaFranceItalySyriaand Egyptcontributed troops, and other allies, most notably Germany and Japanagreed to provide financial support for the coalition effort, named Operation Desert Shield.

In the meantime a congressional and public debate developed in the United States about whether to rely on economic sanctions against Iraq or to use military force.

Bush in October settled on military action if Iraq's troops had not left Kuwait by the January 15deadline. The debate ended on January 12, when both houses of Congress agreed to a joint resolution stating that the president was to satisfy Congress that he had exhausted all means to secure Iraq's compliance with UN resolutions on Kuwait before he initiated hostilities.

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Cheney signed an order, not publicly released at the time, stating that the president would make the determination required by the joint resolution and that offensive operations against Iraq would begin on January As the military buildup in Saudi Arabia Desert Shield proceeded in the fall of and as the UN coalition moved toward military action, Cheney worked closely with General Powell in directing the movement of U.

He participated intently with Powell, Schwarzkopf, and others in overseeing planning for the operation. Cheney, according to Powell, "had become a glutton for information, with an appetite we could barely satisfy. He spent hours in the National Military Command Center peppering my staff with questions. Cheney spent many hours briefing Congress during the air and ground phases of the war. In an incident in September involving General Michael Duganwho had replaced General Welch as Air Force chief of staff, Cheney again demonstrated the primacy of civilian authority over the military.

On a return flight from Saudi Arabia, in discussions with reporters about the Kuwait situation, Dugan was guilty of indiscretions that became public and could not help but invite Cheney's attention. Powell's later recollection of this episode summed up the problem: "Dugan had made the Iraqis look like a pushover; suggested that American commanders were taking their cue from Israela perception fatal to the Arab alliance we were trying to forge; suggested political assassination The first phase of Operation Desert Stormbegun on January 17, was an air offensive to secure air superiority and attack Iraq's forces in Kuwait and Iraq proper.

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Targets included key Iraqi command and control centers, including Baghdad and Basra. Iraq retaliated by firing Scud missiles against locations in Saudi Arabia and Israel. The United States used Patriot missiles to defend against the Scuds, which were old and unsophisticated, and diverted some aircraft to seek out and bomb the missile sites.

The Israeli government wanted to use its own air power to hunt down and destroy Scud launch sites in western Iraq, but U. When former Vice President Dan Quayle suggested to Cheney that the office was largely ceremonial, Cheney reportedly replied, "I have a different understanding with the president.

The Washington Post articles, principally written by Barton Gellmanfurther characterized Cheney as having the strongest influence within the administration in shaping budget and tax policy in a manner that assures "conservative orthodoxy.

The articles characterized his approach to policy formulation as favoring business over the environment. In JuneCheney allegedly attempted to block efforts by Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice to strike a controversial US compromise deal with North Korea over the communist state's nuclear program. In Julya former Environmental Protection Agency official stated publicly that Cheney's office had pushed significantly for large-scale deletions from a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report on the health effects of global warming "fearing the presentation by a leading health official might make it harder to avoid regulating greenhouse gases.

However, according to the former senior adviser on climate change to Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Stephen JohnsonCheney's office was directly responsible for nearly half of the original testimony being deleted.

In his role as President of the U. District of Columbia that successfully challenged gun laws in the nation's capitol on Second Amendment grounds. On February 14,in an appearance on ABC's This WeekCheney reiterated his support of waterboarding and enhanced interrogation techniques for captured terrorist suspects, saying, "I was and remain a strong proponent of our enhanced interrogation program. The Washington Post reported in that Cheney purchased a home in McLean, Virginia Washington suburbswhich he was to tear down for a replacement structure.

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He also maintains homes in Wyoming and on Maryland's Eastern Shore. Cheney is the subject of a documentary film "The World According to Dick Cheney" premiering March 15, on the Showtime television channel. Cheney maintained a visible public profile after leaving office, being especially critical of Obama administration policies on national security. Speaking to the National Press Club, Cheney stated, "People ought to be free to enter into any kind of union they wish, any kind of arrangement they wish.

I do believe, historically, the way marriage has been regulated is at a state level. It's always been a state issue, and I think that's the way it ought to be handled today. Although, by custom, a former vice president unofficially receives six months of protection from the United States Secret Service, President Obama reportedly extended the protection period for Cheney. Intelligence and Congressional officials have said the unidentified program did not involve the CIA interrogation program and did not involve domestic intelligence activities.

They have said the program was started by the counter-terrorism center at the CIA shortly after the attacks of September 11,but never became fully operational, involving planning and some training that took place off and on from until this year.

Cheney has publicly criticized President Obama since the presidential election. On December 29,four days after the attempted bombing of an international passenger flight from Netherlands to United StatesCheney criticized Obama: "[We] are at war and when President Obama pretends we aren't, it makes us less safe. It doesn't fit with the view of the world he brought with him to the Oval Office.

It doesn't fit with what seems to be the goal of his presidency-social transformation-the restructuring of American society. Unfortunately too many are engaged in the typical Washington game of pointing fingers and making political hay, instead of working together to find solutions to make our country safer.

During a February 14, appearance on ABC's This WeekCheney reiterated his criticism of the Obama administration's policies for handling suspected terrorists, criticizing the "mindset" of treating "terror attacks against the United States as criminal acts as opposed to acts of war".

Cheney's early public opinion polls were more favorable than unfavorable, reaching his peak approval rating in the wake of the September 11 attacks at 68 percent. In AprilCheney was awarded an honorary doctorate of public service by Brigham Young University, where he delivered the commencement address.

The college board of trustees issued a statement explaining that the invitation should be viewed "as one extended to someone holding the high office of vice president of the United States rather than to a partisan political figure". Cheney has often been compared to Darth Vader, a characterization originated by his critics but later adopted humorously by Cheney himself as well as members of his family and staff. Cheney is a member of the United Methodist Church and was the first Methodist vice president to serve under a Methodist president.

She is now a public speaker, author, and a senior fellow at the American Enterprise Institute. The couple have two children, Elizabeth and Maryand seven grandchildren. Elizabeth, his elder daughter, is married to Philip J. Mary Cheney, a former employee of the Colorado Rockies baseball team and Coors Brewing Companya campaign aide to the Bush re-election campaign, and an open lesbian, currently lives in Great FallsVirginia, with her longtime partner Heather Poe.

Cheney's long histories of cardiovascular disease and periodic need for urgent health care raised questions of whether he was medically fit to serve in public office. Subsequent attacks in,and have resulted in moderate contractile dysfunction of his left ventricle. On September 24,Cheney underwent a six-hour endo-vascular procedure to repair popliteal artery aneurysms bilaterally, a catheter treatment technique used in the artery behind each knee.

In late Aprilan ultrasound revealed that the clot was smaller. On March 5,Cheney was treated for deep-vein thrombosis in his left leg at George Washington University Hospital after experiencing pain in his left calf. Doctors prescribed blood-thinning medication and allowed him to return to work. On July 12,Cheney underwent a cardiological exam; doctors reported that his heartbeat was normal for a year-old man with a history of heart problems.

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As part of his annual checkup, he was administered an electrocardiogram and radiological imaging of the stents placed in the arteries behind his knees in Doctors said that Cheney had not experienced any recurrence of atrial fibrillation and that his special pacemaker had neither detected nor treated any arrhythmia. On January 19,Cheney strained his back "while moving boxes into his new house". As a consequence, he was in a wheelchair for two days, including his attendance at the United States presidential inauguration.

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A spokesperson later said Cheney had experienced a mild heart attack after doctors had run tests. He had been on a waiting list for more than 20 months before receiving the heart from an anonymous donor. Jonathan Reiner, advised his patient that "it would not be unreasonable for an otherwise healthy year-old man to expect to live another 10 years" with a transplant, saying in a family-authorized interview that he considered Cheney to be otherwise healthy.

An ambulance standing by for the Vice President took Whittington to nearby Kingsville before he was flown by helicopter to Corpus Christi Memorial Hospital. On February 14,Whittington suffered a non-fatal heart attack and atrial fibrillation due to at least one lead-shot pellet lodged in or near his heart.

The Secret Service stated that they notified the Sheriff about one hour after the shooting. Both Cheney and Whittington have called the incident an accident. Early reports indicated that Cheney and Whittington were friends and that the injuries were minor.

Whittington has since told the Washington Post that he and Cheney were not close friends but acquaintances and has not said if Cheney apologized. Armstrong, the ranch owner, claimed that all in the hunting party were wearing blaze-orange safety gear and none had been drinking. Sign In Don't have an account? Bush Deputy Donald J. Atwood, Jr. Political party Republican Spouse s Lynne Cheney m. See also: United States presidential election, See also: Iraq War.

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