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This wiki is about Dick Tracy , the American newspaper comic strip. Dick Tracy is one of America's most-enduring pop-cultural icons. It is noteworthy for its steadfast, chisel-jawed hero and the gruesome rogue's gallery of villains he and his fearless team of Crimestoppers must outwit to put behind bars. Gould wrote and drew the strip until Following the death of Fletcher in , Collins was joined by editorial cartoonist Dick Locher , who had assisted Gould on the strip in the late s and early s. In , Collins left the strip, and Tribune staff writer and columnist Mike Kilian took over the writing until his death in

It is noteworthy for its steadfast, chisel-jawed hero and the gruesome rogue's gallery of villains he and his fearless team of Crimestoppers must outwit to put behind bars. Gould wrote and drew the strip until Following the death of Fletcher inCollins was joined by editorial cartoonist Dick Locherwho had assisted Gould on the strip in the late s and early s. InCollins left the strip, and Tribune staff writer and columnist Mike Kilian took over the writing until his death in Locher would handle the strip alone for the next three years before being joined by artist Jim Brozman.

They would continue to produce the strip until Locher retired in early Walter Reimer. Chester Gould's run of the strip is in the process of being collected in a series of hardcover volumes through IDW Publishing. The strip is currently re-published up to These books contain supplemental material, including essays from other comics professionals, historians, and scholars.

This was the first original Dick Tracy material produced for comics since the tie-in for the feature film.

A second mini-series with a different creative team - Dick Tracy: Forever - followed shortly after. This wiki allows anyone to edit it.

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After Gould's retirement, Collins initially replaced the Textbook with "Dick Tracy's Rogues Gallery," a salute to memorable Tracy villains of the past. Chester Gould retired from comics in ; his last Dick Tracy strip appeared in print on Sunday, December 25 Christmas Day of that same year. Gould's name remained in the byline for a few years after his retirement as a story consultant.

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In one of Collins' first stories as the strip's writer, the gangster known as "Big Boy" learned that he was dying and had less than a year to live. Big Boy was still seeking revenge on the plainclothesman who sent him up the river, and he wanted to live just long enough to see Tracy's death. He put out an open contract on Tracy's head worth one million dollars, knowing that every small-time hood in the City would take a crack at the famous cop for that amount of money. One of the would-be collectors rigged Tracy's car to explode, but inadvertently killed Moon Maid instead of Tracy in the explosion.

A funeral strip for Moon Maid explicitly stated that this officially severed all ties between Earth and the Moon in the strip, [16] thus eliminating the last remnants of the Space Period. Honeymoon received a new hairstyle that covered her antennae, and she was ultimately phased out of the strip. Junior later married Sparkle Plenty the daughter of B. In the s, Tracy's son Joseph Flintheart Tracy took on a role similar to Junior's in the earlier strips.

In addition, Collins removed other Gould creations of the s and s including Groovy Grove, who was gravely wounded in the line of duty and later died in the hospital; Lizz married him before his death.

View dozens of free online comic strips on star-booster.com Read Dick Tracy from the Beginning. ated Today. You Might Also Like Edge City Terry and Patty LaBan. More from Dick Tracy. Three-Time Harvey Award Winner: Best Syndicated Strip or Panel LINK. Congratulations To Our Mike Wieringo Comic Book Industry Awards Nominees The GoComics . Dick Tracy is an American comic strip featuring Dick Tracy (originally Plainclothes Tracy), a tough and intelligent police detective created by Chester Gould. It made its debut on Sunday, October 4, in the Detroit Mirror, and it was distributed by the Chicago Tribune New York News star-booster.com(s): Chester Gould, (original), Mike Curtis, (current .

On a more philosophical level, Collins took a generally less cynical view of the justice system than Gould; Tracy came to accept its limitations and requirements as a normal part of the process which he could manage. Extreme technology was phased out, such as the Space Coupe, in favor of more realistic advanced tools such as the 2-Way Wrist Computer in New semi-regular characters introduced by Collins and Fletcher included: Dr.

Vitamin Flintheart reappeared occasionally as a comic-relief figure, the aged ham actor created by Gould in who had not been seen in the strip for almost three decades.

Together TEAM TRACY has won multiple Harvey Awards for Best Syndicated Comic Strip, and pops up in the news regularly for the new and different ideas they have for the yellow clad police detective. Be sure to follow the new daily adventures of America's Top detective, DICK TRACY!

The Plenty family B. Original villains seen during this period included Angeltop the revenge-seeking, psychopathic daughter of the slain FlattopTorcher whose scheme was arson-for-profitand Splitscreen a video pirate. Collins brought back at least one "classic" Gould villain or revenge-seeking family member per year. The revived Gould villains were often provided with full names, and marriages, children, and other family connections were developed, bringing more humanity to many of the originally grotesque brutes.

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Rick Fletcher died in and was succeeded by editorial cartoonist Dick Locherwho had assisted Gould on the strip in the late s and early s. Locher was assisted by his son John, who died in Max Allan Collins was fired from the strip infollowing a financial reorganization of their comic strip holdings, and Tribune staff writer and columnist Mike Kilian took over the writing. Kilian was paid less than half of what Collins was making per strip [ citation needed ]but continued until his death on October 27, Locher was both author and artist for over three years, beginning on January 9, On March 16,Jim Brozman began collaborating with Locher, taking over the drawing duties while Locher continued to write the strip.

InTracy was a guest at Blondie and Dagwood's 75th anniversary party in the comic strip Blondie. Later, Dick Tracy appeared in the comic strip Gasoline Alley. Staton and Curtis are assisted by Shelley Pleger, who inks and letters Staton's drawings, along with Shane Fisher, who provides the coloring on the Sunday strips.

Chicago-area police sergeant Jim Doherty provided "Crimestopper" captions for the Sunday strips and acted as the feature's technical advisor. Doherty also introduced a new feature, "Tracy's Hall of Fame" which replaces the "Crimestopper" panel approximately once each monthin which a real-life police officer is profiled and honored.

Doherty was replaced in by police lieutenant Walter Reimer, who introduced the "First Responders Roll of Honor", which honors real-life police officers, firefighters and paramedics who died on duty.

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Staton and Curtis reintroduced many of the characters of the forties through the sixties, including a second Mr. Crime and a reformed Mole, while introducing more deformed and grotesque villains such as Abner Kadaver, Panda, and The Jumbler. They have also brought back all the gadgets and plot elements of the s space era, starting in earlyalthough the reintroduced Moon Maid is not the same as the original; rather, she is a human genetically modified to resemble the original Moon Maid and thus, is christened Mysta Chimera and placed under Diet Smith's care.

Chester Gould won the Reuben Award for the strip in and This was the first time MWA ever honored a comic strip. Inthe strip was one of 20 included in the Comic Strip Classics series of commemorative postage stamps and postcards. Tracy was simultaneously the oldest continually running strip, and the first adventure strip ever to win the Harvey Award in this category. On September 26,Tracy won a third Harvey in the same category, becoming one of only three strips to win in three consecutive years.

The early shows all had minute episodes. Dick Tracy's wedding is repeatedly interrupted as Tracy chases after one villain after another. In the strip, his marriage wasn't until and his honeymoon was disrupted by his going after Wormy.

Jim Ameche portrayed Tracy in a two-record set recorded by Mercury Records in The record sleeves were illustrated with Sunday strips reprinted in black-and-white for children to color.

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Tracy made his first comic book appearance in as one of the features included in the first issue of Dell's Popular Comics. These were reprints from the newspaper strip, reconfigured to fit the pages of a comic book, as was the case with most Tracy comic book appearances. Tracy remained a regular feature in Popular Comics through the publication's 21st issue.

McKay's Feature Books were magazines that rotated several popular characters from comics strips through InTracy became one of several regular newspaper strips featured in Dell's regular monthly Super Comicsremaining a regular part of that publication until InTracy was the sole feature in the very first issue of Dell's Four-Color Comicswhich put out more than 1, issues starring hundreds of characters between and Tracy was featured in seven more Four-Color issues throughout the s.

Tracy was frequently featured in comic books used as promotional items by various companies. Infor example, Sig Feuchtwanger produced a comic book that was a giveaway prize in boxes of Quaker Puffed Wheat cereal, sponsor of the popular Dick Tracy radio series. This series ultimately ran for issues, the first 24 of which were published by Dell, after which it was picked up by Harvey Comics. Continuing the same numbering, Harvey published the series until As with most previous Tracy comic book incarnations, these were, with the exception of the last few Dell issues which featured original material, slightly abridged and reconfigured reprints of the newspaper strips.

Dick Tracy was revived in by Blackthorne Publishing and ran for 99 issues. Disney produced a series of three issues as a tie-in for their film. The third issue was a direct adaptation of the film. Over the years, many reprints of Dick Tracy newspaper strips have been published. Other collections include: [29]. Other editions: [29].

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Through the chapter serial, 15 different cases were solved, all plots by the Spider Gang. The Dick Tracy character proved very popular, and a second serial, Dick Tracy Returnsappeared in reissued in Dick Tracy's G-Men was released in reissued in The last was Dick Tracy vs.

Crime Inc. The sequels were produced under an interpretation of the contract for the first Dick Tracy serial, which gave license for "a series or serial".

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As a result, Chester Gould received no further money for the sequel serials. In these serials, Dick Tracy is portrayed as an FBI agent, or " G-Man ", based in California rather than as a detective in the police force of a Midwestern city resembling Chicago, and, aside from himself and Junior, no characters from the strip appear in any of the four films.

Bushman and others is the same kind of avuncular superior as Chief Brandon. The first serial, Dick Tracyis now in the public domain. Dick Tracy a. Dick Tracy, Detective was followed by Dick Tracy vs. Cueball inboth with Morgan Conway as Tracy. Gruesome is probably the best known of the four, with the villain portrayed by Boris Karloff. All four movies had many of the visual features associated with film noir : dramatic, shadowy photographic compositions, with many exterior scenes filmed at night at the RKO Encino movie ranch.

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Lyle Latell co-starred in all four films as Pat Patton. InWarren Beatty directed and starred as the title character in a live action all-star-cast film along with Al PacinoDustin Hoffmanand Madonna. The strip has had limited exposure on television with one early live-action series, two animated series, one unsold pilot that was never picked up, and a proposed TV series currently held up in litigation. Ralph Byr who had played the square-jawed sleuth in all four Republic movie serials, and in two of the RKO feature-length films, reprised his role in a short-lived live-action Dick Tracy series that ran on ABC from to Additional episodes intended for first-run syndication continued to be produced into Produced by P.

Palmer, who also wrote many of the scripts, the series often featured Gould-created villains such as FlattopShaky, the Mole, Breathless Mahoney, Heels Beals, and Influence, all of whom appeared on film for the first time on this series.

Criticized for its violence, the series remained popular. It ended, not in response to criticism, but because of Byrd's unexpected, premature death in The series was filmed on a low budget, with many long hours and a rushed shooting schedule.

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The first cartoon series was produced from to by UPA. Tracy employed a series of cartoon-like subordinate flatfoots to fight crime each week, contacting them on his two-way wrist radio.

Apr 14,   How Dick Tracy Invented the Apple Watch Before His Time Apple's CEO says he's been dreaming of unveiling a gizmo like the one in the comic strip since he was a kid. This wiki is about Dick Tracy, the American newspaper comic strip. Dick Tracy is one of America's most-enduring pop-cultural icons. It is noteworthy for its steadfast, chisel-jawed hero and the gruesome rogue's gallery of villains he and his fearless team of Crimestoppers must outwit to put. Get the best deals on Dick Tracy when you shop the largest online selection at star-booster.com Free shipping on many items WEEKS "DICK TRACY" THE DAILY ARGUS-LEADER SUNDAY NEWSPAPER COMIC STRIPS. $ 1 bid. $ shipping. Ending Apr 5 at PM PDT 3d 5h. Rare Dick Locher Tribune Cartoonist Signed Dick Tracy Pitney Bowes 30x20 Poster.

UPA was also the production company behind the Mr. Magoo cartoons, so it was possible for them to arrange a meeting between Tracy and Magoo in a episode of the season-long TV series The Famous Adventures of Mr. In the episode Dick Tracy and the MobTracy persuades Magoo a well-known actor in the context of the Famous Adventures series to impersonate an international hit man named Squinty Eyes, who he resembles, and infiltrate a gang of criminals made up of Flattop, Pruneface, Itchy, Mumbles and others.

Unlike the earlier animated Tracy shorts, this longer episode was played relatively straight, with Tracy getting much more screen time. Pitting Tracy against a coalition of several of his foes was adopted more than two decades later in the film.

A second cartoon series was produced in and was a feature in Archie's TV Funniesproduced by Filmation. It adhered more closely to the comic strip, although it was hampered by cruder animation than the UPA shorts, typical of the studio's production standards.

William Dozier produced a pilot for a live-action Dick Tracy series in starring Ray MacDonnell in the title role. Dozier was the producer responsible for the Batman TV series. Eve Plumbwho would later find fame as Jan Brady on The Brady Bunchis credited for a character named Bonnie Braids, who does not appear in the pilot.

In the s, Aurora produced a plastic model kit of Dick Tracy sliding down a fire escape ladder into an alley, in hot pursuit with gun drawn. A Dick Tracy Space Coupe model came next.

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Both have been reissued by Polar Lights. Also in the market were Mattel's Dick Tracy range of toy guns. The figures were 5" tall, stylized with exaggerated comicy looks and came with lots of accessories. The figure of "The Blank" was added to the assortment well after the film's release to keep the secret of the identity of the character. As a result, only limited quantities of these two figures made it to store shelves. The Dick Tracy video game was developed by Titus Software in Dick Tracy is a side scrolling action shooting game.

The player controls Dick Tracy through five stages. The figure appears in a suit with two-way wrist radio. There was also a variant figure released of Dick Tracy in his signature trench coat and fedora with a tommy gun accessory. Media outlets reported a legal battle being waged over rights to the Dick Tracy character.

Warren Beatty announced plans to make a sequel to his movie. At the same time, television producers announced plans for a new Dick Tracy TV series.

DICK TRACY, Daily (09/22/) Slicer This is a very early DICK TRACY. There is a small sketch on the back of the strip. " In October , Chester Gould's career got a boost when he sold his comic strip idea about a hard-nosed detective to Captain Joseph Patterson of . Dick Tracy phone now a reality by TIM UTTON, Daily Mail It has been a staple of science fiction ever since Dick Tracy used one in his s crime-fighting adventures. The comic strip detective only. Daily Audio Briefing; Back To Main Menu Close. Customize Your Weather. Set Your Location: Enter City and State or Zip Code. Congratulations! Your weather is set to. You can change the location at.

Both sides claimed that they were the legal owners of the rights to Dick Tracy. In MayBeatty sued the Tribune Company, claiming he has owned the rights to the Dick Tracy character since The lawsuit was resolved in Beatty's favor, with a US District judge ruling that Beatty did everything contractually required of him to keep the rights to the character. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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