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Henry W. Chester Gould was an American cartoonist. He was the creator of the comic strip Dick Tracy , which he wrote and drew from its debut in until his retirement in Gould was born in Pawnee, Oklahoma, some seven years prior to Oklahoma's admission into the Union as a state. His father was a printer and editor of the local paper. From a very early age, Gould became fascinated by comics and cartooning, and was a particular devotee of Bud Fisher's Mutt and Jeff.

The Complete Dick Tracy Volume 1: , The Complete Dick Tracy Volume 2: , The Complete Dick Tracy Volume 3: , The Complete Dick. Read Dick Tracy from the Beginning. ated Today. You Might Also Like Annie Jay Maeder and Alan Kupperberg. More from Dick Tracy. Three-Time Harvey Award Winner: Best Syndicated Strip or Panel LINK. Congratulations To Our Mike Wieringo Comic Book Industry Awards Nominees The GoComics Team. Jan 26,   Originally titled Plainclothes Tracy, the rechristened strip became one of the most successful and lauded comic strips of all time, as well as a media and merchandising sensation. He was twice accorded the "Cartoonist of the Year" Reuben Award by his peers. Gould continued to write and illustrate Dick Tracy until his retirement in /5(31).

Beginning with the previous volume, I consider this a major rebound for "Dick Tracy"; the only debit worth mentioning is Gould's irresistible compulsion to have characters endlessly repeat their catch phrases, to the point where one word or phrase is literally the only thing they say in the last book it was "Neki Hokey," in this book, a character says "Check" virtually every time she's in a frame.

But that's a small quibble. The stories in this collection include the blood-chilling story of Ivy, a guy so sinister that he thinks nothing of not only murdering a small girl's dad right in front of her, but making it look like she did it! I can't wait for the strip to get into the s and s! Another few years gone in the Complete Gould's Tracy reprints. The end of Flattop Jr. And we finally get to meet the father that "took his boys west in '96", the dad of B.

Tracy does the usual detective work, with some good and far out methods and of course the gang shoots It out with many bad buys. The death trap the three women put Tracy in is one of the worst he ever faced-do you think he made it out ok? Buy the volume and see! If you like this one then you will most likely enjoy the earlier volumes. Daily and Sundays in Black and white, no color Sunday strips here. Keep them coming!

Thank you. I couldn't wait to get this book. Just one small problem. A stranger was delivered my book,not me. But the person was honest. So I got my book. That's right I used the word Got!

Great book. One person found this helpful. The first Tracy strip I ever followed as a kid in the 50s was the Flattop Jr. It blew my mind. Unlike anything else crafted by Chester Gould, largely due to the array of fantastic characters and the multiple story arcs, all of which dovetail beautifully.

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Get this volume for the Joe Period and Flattop stories alone, but enjoy it all. This is likely the best continuity of the fifties for Gould and yes, the evil doers are absolutely coldly amoral. Flattop Jr.

More from Dick Tracy

How anyone could marvel at the atrocities committed by the Manson Family after perusing this analytical dissection of the American underclass is a mystery. This is a very good read! Any editor who thinks enough of a strip to buy it and give it space-albeit small space-should be willing to back up his judgment.

Book Review: "The Adventures of Dick Tracy" by Chester Gould; 1934

Now, what does this mean in dollars and cents? Believe me, comics advertising dollars would be a lot easier to comic by if individual newspapers publicized and promoted their comics.

The Chester Gould / Dick Tracy Museum, a not for profit organization, is established to honor and promote the life and achievements of Chester Gould, creator of the "Dick Tracy" comic strip and character. The Museum perpetuates the legacy of "Dick Tracy" and continues the heritage of the comic strip for this and future generations. Complete Chester Gould's Dick Tracy, Vol. OUT OF STOCK. Complete Chester Gould's Dick Tracy, Vol. 26 $ Complete Chester Gould's Dick Tracy, Vol. 27 $ The Complete Chester Gould's Dick Tracy, Vol. 21 $ The Complete Chester Gould's Dick Tracy, Vol. 20 $ SINGLE ISSUES. Dick Tracy from the 's With the growing interest in the U.S. space program, Gould entered into his controversial "Space Era" which involved the Space Coupe, Air Cars, the use of magnetism, landing on the moon, and international gangsters in outer space. Dick Tracy from the 's.

Who wants to spend ad dollars with outcasts who, during the week, are locked in tiny cells like drunks? Also, it seems to me that the cozy little group meetings, where everybody engages in repetitive platitudes and listens to critics who lack true understanding of mass newspaper circulation, do not attack the root of the problem.

May 06,   Dick Tracy, created by Chester Gould, continues to be published today, albeit as a pale shadow of its former self. Although the strip would hit its peak in the s with villains like Flattop and Pruneface, even the earlier strips (with their more ordinary crooks) have their merit/5(16).

He must be shown how this will restore prestige to the product and dollars to his advertising till. This is the big job to be done. I have been drawing and writing Dick Tracy for 41 years. And the Lord willing, I want to go another 41 years. I consider myself a newsboy.

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The sole purpose of a comic strip is to sell newspapers: that makes me a newsboy. We have a heritage of the most precious thing ever developed in the good old U. New Page. Chester Gould Biography. Wilmette House.

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A very good book. Like another reviewer, I wanted to pace myself.

Dick tracy gould

Instead, I found myself quickly turning page after page. I also have another titled Tommy Guns and Hard Times. A little bit of this Vol. II is in that one. Fast delivery and a great book!!! Love this series.

Another great buy and continued excellent stories and illustrations. Chester Gould's time period stories are great history lessons. Recommended for all Dick Tracy lovers.

This along with volume one are some of the best comics ever written and designed. Loved every page! See all reviews from the United States. Top international reviews.

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Translate all reviews to English. Whilst the cultural and historical cts of this type of book are interesting and worthwhile in themselves, i actually buy these primarily because they are such a good read!

Brilliantly and beautifully drawn with plot twists and surprising, even shocking moments littered throughout the continuous roller-coaster.

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I'm 42 with no child-hood attachment to the material, i enjoy and appreciate it as a fresh entity. The crappy film and cartoon which was my previous awareness of the character did way more to harm this legacy than help it.

I would never have guessed that the original material was of such mind-bending quality. But i think we are all well used to having our beloved comic characters watered down and badly transferred by now ; And this is the early stuff too, it just gets better and better as this series of books goes on.

Chester Gould

Love it!! Thank you for your feedback. Sorry, we failed to record your vote. Please try again. Not much to say other than when I was a child in the 's, Dick tracy was the first comic strip I read. Certainlyordering this volume was partly motivated by nostalgia but after reading it I appreciated it for what it is and certainly it has appeal for the adult reader.

I enjoyed it so much that I subsequently ordered volumes three and nine. I think for the price, I received full entertainment value and will probably order more volumes in the future. Sincerely Ernie Knowles. Verified Purchase.

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I conti sono presto fatti. Translate review to English. Vale lo stesso discorso fatto per gli altri volumi della serie: Dick tracy si ama o si odia e per chi lo ama questi volumi sono il non plus ultra.

Volume bellissimo, per i veri amanti del fumetto.

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Una gioia per gli occhi. Speriamo di non dovere ttare un anno per il terzo volume. Load more international reviews.

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