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Long Term Dirty Talk

Now you fumble about beneath the sheets hoping certain body parts are still able to fit together. You've been with your current partner so long that things have started to become boring in the bedroom. We've all been there and we've all suffered through it because it happens to many relationships and this is why. When you're with the same person doing the same thing every week- making the same noises and having the same climatic moments, sex becomes predictable. To get out of the rut you and your partner are in, you just need to try some of the dirtiest and freaky sex acts to spice things up! Don't know what to try or where to start? You're in luck!

He leads a very busy life with work and his children which I understand that he has responsibilities. What can I do to get him to commit to me? Should I stop seeing him and stop the great sex we have found with each other? Honestly, it sounds like you just need to have a serious conversation with him about how you feel. I love my husband but he is not the most sexual person. I know my sex is great but he is so not the type to tell me in do many words, to me he is boring in bed.

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But I love him, and I the sex is fun cause of me. How do I get him more into it, he is trying to be so hard when I know he wants to scream sometimes. Anything would be great. Hi Tamika, it sounds like you should just talk to him.

When you do, you might find that he opens up and shares some kinks and fetishes that you love yourself. Communication is key here. Honestly, just start at the start. So start with flirting and see if he reciprocates. If that goes well, progress to getting a bit more touchy with him. We never meant to have something serious but now we are in a relationship.

He just grabs me, gets on top and we just have the same sex. How can I do this? Hello Sean! For the past 7 months my husband of 6 years my husband has been going out with his buddies almost every weekend. We recently had a talk and he says we have lost chemistry but i dont think so and this is why i started sending him dirty messages telling him i love him but even phone sex and it seems it worked but i still feel he prefers going out with his buddies than be with me.

Is there something else i should be doing or could i be doing something wrong? In desperate need of help. Wow, sounds like a difficult situation that you understand better than I do. I really love my man and he is great in bed. I give him blow jobs and he goes down on me to.

He appreciates my blow jobs but I really want to give him a thrilling blow job that will make him cum so hard and scream very loud. Can you help me or any one who is aware. Hey,I am in a 5 year relationship and it is kinda boring he keeps every thing the same and I need a way to spice things up a little ty?

Any advice on how to get him in bed? All I want is to satisfy him. It could be that he has something like low testosterone that is affecting his sex drive. So I need some help here ladies. We have great sex!! No problem there. I just have a hard time expressing myself sexually in words. What can I do? Hi there! He has gone to strip clubs, had escorts, was into other kinks, etc.

How do I keep him interested when this guy has seen it all and has done it all? This is not a serious relationship. I recently found out that my husband have been viewing porn websites, would like to know if it is normal for married man to watch porn?

Hi try sliding his penis on the side of your mouth. It still hits your mouth and suck on it or just lick the tip. I love sex but he loves it wayyy more than I do. I would like to be more open and sexy with him but i always end up shying and kind of afraid to give him the kind of sex he loves to watch on porn sites. I love him and he loves me i know but I would like for once to be his fantasy.

I find it extremely hard to orgasm by myself- I have to use vibrating wand and dildo. This and butt plug with a vibrator on my clit are literally the only ways I can make myself cum. Are there any ways that could help me orgasm easier? How we could make it easier to orgasm when having sex? There are few positions which allow the space for a wand on my clit!!

Certain medications can affect your ability to orgasm, as can nerve damage. Could these be the causes in your case? Hi, have the same problem I hardly get orgasm, only when im masturbating. Sean, my boyfriend wants me to dirty talk with him during sex but I never know what to say. I think the OP is really presenting 2 things.

That is essentially fetish fulfillment. The same desires and dynamic are there no matter what language you choose to express them. I have only posted here because think that Sean Jameson actually can address them both unlike many others. I have been dating a guy with ED almost a year even living together at one time. Any suggestions on how to do better? What should I do? Should we try another position? I wanted to thank you! I have been happily married for 15 years.

WhIle things are still great for us, I wish I could do more in the bedroom. Like be more engaging, more sexier, more of a turn on. I want things to continue to be great! So, I thought I should up my dirty talk game and landed here looking for ideas. You helped me understand a couple of things.

I have been dirty talking. It is the less explicit kind and I had dismissed it as dirty talk. I thought dirty talk had to be vulgar and abrassive.

The other thing you helped me understand that was how I may be effecting him. No more. I will be dusting those off and playing them again! Also, I understood how I can change up my bedroom talk for the variety I was seeking and in a way I am comfortable with. He has responded very well. So thank you!! He lives in another city and we hardly ever meet. Do u have any tips to keep our sex life all heated up even with the distance? Try Skype sex and sending him some saucy, sexy messages.

The head? The frenulum, or mid shaft? And what is a special technique i can use that will definitely get him off? But everyone responds differently, so my advice is to talk to your man and find out what he needs to really get off. Hey Sean, I have following been following this site about a year and all tricks and tips have been very useful but is there anyway to talk dirty indirectly? As a man I find this to be very true and this article has helped me and my girlfriend increase our sex life Thanks.

Dirty freaky sex

Hi my name is adrian My man is very sexual and constantly want to have sex. We try almost everything in our sex life. How can I be more dirty and sexy with him?

I feel bad cause he tells me he gets frustrated and wants me to do more. Talk to him and let him know about your needs too. Great relationships are built on two partners contributing equally. All of these suggestions put the female in a very submissive role, what about phrases a dominant woman can say to her submissive man?

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That would be a good list? My question is how do i make him more relaxed with sexting in terms of him sending me his nude pics without him feeling weird about it. Both my boyfriend and me would like to talk dirty while having fun.

Talk dirty to me if you want me to blow my load immediately. Fuck me, fuck me harder, cum in me, I want your cum, will all do it. Be direct and explicit. We men love your begging for us, or our man juice. My boyfriend and I have been together for a while. He is a very quiet lover, and sometimes, the quiet makes me feel like HE is not really enjoying what I have to offer. Talk to him and let him know what you are missing and want from him. Hi assy.

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Tell him to slide wet fingers in you slowly to stroke your G spot. Make sure he goes in about an inch and move his fingers foward like saying come here. You will cum for sure. I have a question for any women out there. I am a husband married 24 years. The last few have not been good because of stress and probably re-menopause she has lost interest. Any suggestions of anything I can wear that she may like? When I ask she says no.

13 New Dirty Freaky Sex Things Couples Need To Try

She also is against anything I can think of to please her besides an occasional backrub. It make me feel guilty that I always want or need something. She wants no oral from me, no fingers, no vibrator.

She has only had an orgasm once in the last year. We can only do it in the rare times we have the house to ourselves. I am not amazing looking. But I am OK for a 54 year old. I usually come to bed in flannel sleeping shorts.

Can you help? My boyfriend loves to dirty her especially in bed especially expressions like I want to suck you bad, yeh fuck me hard.

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Hi Sean, my last girlfriend gave blowjobs bobbing up and down on me as fast as she could move. Although she Initiates the act but with no real enthusiasm it was like her duty to go down on me once in a while.

Was kinda of funny in a way the faster she went the longer it took me to cum. I was starting to not even like her giving me blowjobs. The sad part is my favorite thing was enjoying a good BJ before dating her which finally drove us apart.

My new girlfriend is so enthusiastic in every way she is always grabbing my ass and crotch even in public when she thinks no ones looking. She says craziest things to me all the time. She invited me over for a homemade meal when I got there she was in the kitchen I ask her what we were having for dinner and she goes your having a hamburger and I am having a tube steak as she dropped to her knees.

I love how she talks to my penis changing it up all the.

Penis you look so tasty. Penis I hope you fill my mouth full of that thick piping hot cum you make especially for me. Penis I am gonna take both your balls in my mouth to see if your cum factory is working overtime just for me. Penis wiggle if you want to cum in my mouth. Penis wiggle if you want to cum on my face.

Penis wiggle if you want to cum on my tits. Penis wiggle if you want to cum somewhere else on me. Penis wiggle if would you like me to put a donut on you and eat it off. Penis wiggle if you would like to stand up in the chair so I can stand up also while I play music on your skin flute. Penis wiggle if you want me to deep throat you. Penis wiggle if you want my mouth now.

I have never had so much fun getting a BJ it really takes the pressure off both of us. Words cannot explain how awesome she is. My boyfriend and i have sex regularly and its great but I am not the most confident person when it comes to initiating sex and i know that frustrates him. It would help alot. It has helped sooo much. I have a question though. As my SO and I love rough sex, things are intensifying very quickly.

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He likes to choke mepull my hair, throw me against the wall or on the bed. We are very aggressive, and recently said he wanted to make my mouth bleed so he can kiss it away. He likes calling me his dirty slut and sex kitten etc but he wants me to talk dirtier to him. What are some things I could say to keep him interested?

My boyfriend is this kind of person that love sex and most especially he likes BJ and dirty talks can u guyz help me out. Can anyone help decipher this dirty talk request? Seriously though.

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I find it difficult being on top as my man is taller, bigger than me and he is pot bellied. What can i do to enjoy staying on top while making love as he also loves that position. His penis is also the normal size, not so big. Secondly what other positions can i use to satisfy him since he is huge and pot bellied and i am petite. He is an amazing guy and we love each other. Hi, So I love my boyfriend but I feel like our sex life can be boring at times.

Our relationship is struggling due to not really being in the honeymoon phase anymore. This coincides with the novelty of your relationship subsiding. The key is rediscovering novelty and trying new things together. Hi, Me and my boyfriend we live in different countries. We met online and started to like each other. We never met at real life becoz he needs time. He says loyalty is important for him. The problem started when we started to have sex texts.

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He is very sexual but that is not a problem, the problem is he likes to refer other people during sex. It arouses him. We talk or argue so many times at this topic. He was always like this.

Apr 09,   Pretend it's your first time meeting one other and then have sex in the backseat of your car. Role-playing spices up any relationship. If you want to get really freaky, go for the dirtiest "taboo" role plays (because let's be honest, there is no such thing as taboo in the bedroom). Watch Freaky Sex porn videos for free, here on Discover the growing collection of high quality Most Relevant XXX movies and clips. No other sex tube is more popular and features more Freaky Sex scenes than Pornhub! Browse through our impressive selection of porn videos in HD quality on any device you own. Watch Freaky Nasty Girl porn videos for free, here on Discover the growing collection of high quality Most Relevant XXX movies and clips. No other sex tube is more popular and features more Freaky Nasty Girl scenes than Pornhub! Browse through our impressive selection of porn videos in HD quality on any device you own.

I love him so much but it is painfulpls help me. Although, even then, he should respect your boundaries if it makes you uncomfortable. Involving other people is a common fantasy, and your man might want to look into why this does it for him. Is your sex life otherwise satisfying? Please help me. Do you have any x-rated tips I can do to drive him crazy.

Your email address will not be published. Comments I am in a relationship where my partner has been in another country for the past two months, and we will not be reunited for another three months. Try describing one of the times you had sex with him and go into detail about how it felt. Hi Jennifer, I was having sex with my partner right up until the day I went into labour. Hi Olivia, I feel your pain! Agree I am dealing with similar issues and moving onto a new guy very soon.

All he could text was mmmmmmmmmm Later I sent a tasteful anal pic. What you need to do is: 1. Blessed Be, Shelbie. Hi I have the same situation, with living an hour away.

Hi Sarah, This sounds like more of a relationship question. Hey, Tell me how to know that whether my partner likes dirty talks or not? Hi Ritisha, The key is just trying some light dirty talk to see if he enjoys it. Hi Jennifer, First try swallowing just a tiny amount of his ejaculate the next time your give him a blowjob.

Hi L Wolf, Thanks for your comment! This is a great suggestion. Hi Jami, All the information is here on the site. Hi Lilly, The first thing that I advise is not worrying about it.

Hey Sean, I get kinda nervous about telling my partner what I want him to do. Thanks, Shelbie. Let me know how it goes! Try playing with yourself while you talk dirty. He will like hearing you cum. I read the dirty talk section. I freeze up its soo frustrating four me. Hi Louise, You will find tons of tips in this section that will keep him satisfied.

Hey, So my one year anniversary with my boyfriend is coming up very soon and I want it to be very special for both him and me. Hi Alsia, The first thing is making sure that you can easily orgasm by yourself without using a vibrator, dildo or excessive pressure. Let me know how things go! Hi Shannon, I always recommend starting with some fun new sex positions with your man from the sex positions section and just go from there.

Best, Sean. Hi Melissa, Start with the smallest, easiest thing when it comes to talking dirtymoaning. Hi Jenny, Thank you for your comment but, this sounds like a tricky relationship question. Hi Is, Sounds pretty normal to me. But I still feel bad.

Is there anything wrong with me? Hi Bailey, Honestly, I think you are over thinking this. I think I took a right step and I hope your advice will help. Cant wait to try them all. Best regards! Let me know how it goes, Sean. Thanks Sean, Some great tips, I intend trying them all. Let you know.

May 22,   If you and your boyfriend have never tried anything freaky and dirty, then you should try this. Anytime you want to take a shower, invite your boyfriend or surprise him when he is in the shower and join him. This will make him sexually attracted to you, . She's Freaky offers homemade porn videos and pics featuring Sexy black girls all free. Most Relevant Nasty Freaky Crazy Sex porn videos can be watched for free on PussySpace, Go to Crazy Sex Positions sex movies now! Most Relevant Nasty Freaky Crazy Sex porn videos can be watched for free on PussySpace, Go to Crazy Sex Positions sex movies now! nasty dirty sex. crazy public sex. crazy sex. crazy sex positions. sex crazy. hot.

Kind regards. Hi Atricia, Sounds like a pretty serious situation. Hey Sean, my boyfriend and me have been a couple for 2 years now.

Thank you and regards, Hannah. Hi Lisa, You may enjoy this article on sexual tension a lot! That sounds like a touch situation Gina. My advice is to talk to him. Hey Sean, Me and my husband has been together almost 8 years and married almost 6 yearsand we have two gorgeous daughters.

Thanks in advance and best regards! Hey Kendra, Building sexual tension takes time. Hi Sean, I have been with my partner 6 months now and we have a great sexual relationship. Hi Debra, Honestly, that sounds totally normal! Hi John, It sounds like a very tricky and difficult situation.

Hi Jeni, Sure, try out this article on stripping. The best thing you can do is talk to him and let him know how you feel about it. The thrill of being caught in such a public place will make your sex hot and mind-blowing. You can even go for an art show and when everyone is busy with the art, sneak in the restroom and get busy. This will keep your boyfriend on his toes and keep him wanting more. When a man loves you, he cannot help himself and will always love to see you naked.

Some men are bold enough to say this and others keep silent, but their eyes tell it all. If you want to do something dirty and freaky for your boyfriend, this is what you have to do. Go take a shower when he is in the house and just lazing in bed. Come back and let your towel fall to the floor. Apply lotion slowly to your body and start with the legs. Bend as low as you can and let him have a view of your butt. By the time you are done, and you want to put on clothes, he will have pulled you back to bed for some lovemaking.

Sex can sometimes get boring when you do the same things all the time.

22 Dirty and Freaky Things to Do To Your Boyfriend That Will Blow His Mind

With time, you will get bored with each other, and the love will also start to fade out. It is therefore important to try out dirty and freaky things that will keep you and your boyfriend entertained and satisfied. One freaky thing you can do when you both want to make love is to blindfold your boyfriend.

This will make him so excited because it is a new experience for him. His anticipation will keep growing because he will not know where you will kiss or touch him next.

You can make this experience unforgettable by making him experience new sensations that are intense. You can let your hair trail on his body, or you can use your silky panties to massage his penis. By the time you are done with him, he will be floating in a cloud of ecstasy.

There is something about incorporating food into your sex that makes it amazing and mind-blowing. Just take your boyfriend breakfast in bed and add in some chocolate, peanut butter, or whipped cream.

The added items will give him an idea of what you are up to and get him ready. You can apply either the chocolate or peanut butter on various places on his body like his nipples and then lick it off. This will drive him crazy, and he will want more and even do it to you too. When you are both done, you will be exhausted but have had so much fun. Most of the time, women are the ones who are always getting massages from their husband or boyfriend, but we never reciprocate it.

This is why men end up going to massage parlors. You should know that you can massage your man and make it as freaky and dirty as possible.

Just let him lie down on his back with no clothes on. Oil your hands and start to slide them sensually on his pec muscles. Use the tip of your fingers to massage the muscles as you move up slowly along his sides and to his armpits. Use your thumbs to massage the middle of his chest by making outward fanning movements. Slide slowly almost to his groin then retreat slowly.

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Let him lie on his stomach and massage his back. Do not be afraid to slightly squeeze his butt because it will definitely turn him on. Once you are done, he will be all yours relaxed and turned on.

Men love it when you let them know how much you want them. The erotic and freaky way you can do this is to send a sexy text to your man when he is working.

This will really make him want to come home earlier. You can text to him to let him know how sexy he looks or how you cannot wait for him to get home and ravish him. You can even send him a sexy photo of yourself if you are that confident. This can even make him come looking for you during his lunch break.

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Sex in the same place, like the bedroom, can be boring and monotonous. Just try to spice up things for your boyfriend by seducing him in various places in the house. You can try out in new spots like the kitchen counter, the carpet in the living room, or even on the balcony if you have comfortable chairs and no nosy neighbors.

There are times when you can change up the sex a bit and be rough with him. You can try to scratch his back with your nails or pinch his nipples. He is bound to enjoy every bit of attention you give to him. Relationships can be tricky at times. When you know how to spice up things in your relationship by using freaky and dirty things, then you are set for life.

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Try out these freaky and dirty things with your boyfriend, and he will soon be eating from your hand. It can also help bring you closer to your partner in the sexiest yet simple way. Do a Lip Tease. Take a Shower Together. Play the Whisper Game. Start basic and tame because there's no need to go wild when you're trying these out for the very first time. Exploring these interests is the only way to find new things that you're into as a couple. Be daring, be brave! Otherwise, sex gets monotonous.

No one says you have to like anal or your partner has to like pegging. In fact, just the idea may turn you off, as it does many people. If it hurts, feels weird, or makes things awkward, then move on to something else. But this is certainly something worth doing, at least once. Even the idea of trusting each other so much to be able to try this is enough to make for some great, intimate sex. And if you and your partner like it and want to continue it? You just found a dirty, wild, freaky sex thing that turns you both on.

In preparation for your first time doing it, try making sure you have plenty of lubricants and you are both okay with it.

But if you or your partner truly do not want it, the outcome will be drastically different not to mention the idea of not wanting it and it happens to you anyway tends to tense up the body which makes it all the more painful. Also, if your male partner is rather well-endowed, have him try a toy first that is not as big. Make sure you go slow and take time to enjoy it. Try to not do it in a place that will get you arrested for indecent exposure, especially around children.

Great spots are your own yard, in abandoned areas in the forest, and in dead parking lots at night. I had a stint with a cop for about a year where we only had sex in public while he was on duty. This made things HOT. Our spots included behind a water building that was visited and had graffiti all over it, in a state park in the middle of the woods, and in another state park at the end of a trail rarely accessed by cars and walkers.

The thrill was all in the idea that at any second, a car could come around the corner and see everything going down. Another great public-esque sex experience of mine happened in my own backyard. Build a nice fire in a fire pit, make sure your neighbors are not nosy, and get handsy and maybe mouthy?

There is a taboo about porn that really should not exist. Most everyone with any kind of sex drive has, at some point in their lives, watched some type of porn. This includes individuals in committed relationships and I'm here to say, it's okay! The type of porn is based on your preference. If you prefer the cheesy, dramatic flair of professionally filmed porn videos, then I would buy full-length movies and put it up on your big screen TV.

If you prefer the intimate, poor quality homemade sex videos, then I would stick to free-streaming sites. Try attending an adult party with sex on the itinerary. My suggestion is do not shy away from it.

Embrace it and watch the beauty of sex happening right in front of you. That might get a little weird. Maybe join in, or allow others to watch you and then allow them to join in the fun as well.

This is something new for you and your significant other to try out. It would be helpful for you to get to know the other couples before you decide to participate. The worst part about having sex in the shower is the inconsistency of the water temperature.

The heavy stream of water hitting your face and almost drowning you, your hair sticking to your face in big, drenched clumpsnothing sexier You think kissing in the rain was romantic? Yes, rain is cold, but at least you both are cold and you can keep your bodies close together to keep each other warm. We're talking about rain here, not thunderstorms.

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